Flash Friday!

I’m trying something new. Every Friday I will post a picture and and accompanying two hundred word scene about the image. Enjoy! I admit I’m a little late since it’s Saturday.

“I’ve been waiting for you.” Jake turned to his side. The sheet covering him dipped low on his hips.

He watched Azania as she sauntered into the room, dropping her hobo bag on the battered chest of drawers. She sat and met his gaze while slowly bending to slip her stiletto’s from her feet. Jake rose, his feet hitting the thin carpet with a dull thud. The white sheet pulled across his body,  exposing muscular calves and thighs. He leaned his elbows on his knees.

“It’s getting harder to get away Jakob. My twin Azir suspects something. I am given quite a few latitudes in this country that is frowned upon as being non-traditional. He gets into much trouble for allowing me such freedoms.”  Azania rose from her seat and took the few steps to the bed, slipping between his legs. “I see your glad to see me.” She raised a brow and smiled down at him.

Jake smiled back and raised a hand to cup her cheek. He loved the way she said his name with her soft South African accent. “I am always happy to see you.”  He resisted the urge to drag her down on top of him.

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