Erotic Paranormal ~ Out Now! The Keys to Victory

Travis had nowhere else to turn and Henri had no choice but to help.

Travis Ward tracked his missing sister down to Louisiana. Once there, no one would help him, claiming not to handle his type of missing person’s case. Instead, he’s referred to a sexy Voodoo priestess.

Henriette Chaisson never expected a man like Travis to be standing on her porch or the way her body reacted to him. When he explained his problem she understood everyone’s reluctance to help. It delved into the world of the paranormal.

Together, they track his sister down and their attraction for each other quickly becomes distraction leaving Travis to make the most difficult decision of his life.



She shook her head as she pulled the wrought iron door shut behind them. In her world, ignorance could get you killed. He waited for her to precede him, and then followed her through the house to the bedroom she’d converted into an office. Henri took a seat behind the desk and motioned for him to sit in one of the chairs facing her.

“Which P.I. referred you?”

“Martin, Martin Boudreaux. I hired him out of New Orleans.”

“Okay, next question. Who’s missing?”

“How did you know it was a missing person’s case?” Travis tensed, she watched his thigh muscles bunch as he shifted, moving to the edge of his seat.

Henri shrugged. “Educated guess. You want to tell me about the missing person?”

Lately, her jobs concerned missing persons with the exception of the odd demon possession every now and then.

Other than a few minor problems, it was quiet on the otherworldly front. As if most of the conjurers and brethren had taken a breath and were waiting to exhale. Normally, there was almost always something going on that required her attention. Between being a part-time enforcer for the council of C & B, and a Mambo with a business, she usually had very little time on her hands. But, within the last few weeks, suddenly Henri had time to spare available. Something bad was brewing. Henri hadn’t been able to put her finger on what just yet. Hence her little forage into the swamp to visit Gerard. Henri leaned back into the office chair and focused on Travis Ward.

Watching his lips as they formed words, she imagined running the tip of her tongue across them. She’d straddle his lap as those strong arms wrapped around her lower back, holding her in the perfect position to enjoy the hard feel of his dick snug against her pussy. Her back would arch over those arms as he nibbled on her neck. Her hands would grip his broad shoulders as her nails raked his back for purchase. He would bend over her body to run his tongue along the sensitive skin of her breasts, outlining the swell of one then the other. She was forcefully pulled from her rampant imagination when those lips stopped moving. “Sorry, you were saying?”

“My sister, Chrissy. I had her cell number traced and the last call came from New Orleans. I hired Martin to track her from there. Last week he sent me an address and Henri’s name with a note explaining that he didn’t handle these kinds of cases and my best bet was to contact his referral.”

Henri leaned back and crossed her arms. She hoped to hide the way her nipples were poking against the fabric of her T-shirt. She’d never been bombarded by such visuals before.

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