I need a hero!

Let’s talk hero’s. Like many of you I have my favorite books, and we have various reasons for having those favorites. My fav’s are usually because of the hero’s. Alpha males rule! Yeah I had to get that out of my system. After much thought I decided to sit down and write about my hero’s and hopefully find out about yours.

I like my men tall, and usually write them 6’3″ or taller.  My guys hair vary in style and and color. I’m not particular in those regards and let them tell me how they look.  Its rare that my fella’s are super muscular. To date I have only written one hero built like a bus. Generally, they tend to be lithe and defined.

Interestingly enough I have discovered that the hero’s in my books tend to have light blue or green eyes.

They are also extremely intelligent but I don’t think that’s surprising most of the hero’s I read about from other authors are just as smart. Now this thought made me wonder what set my boys apart.  Sometimes they have questionable morals but its usually for a good reason. My variation of the bad guy with the great heart. They will defend the women they love, to the death if necessary although it hasn’t come to that.  One of my hero’s came close but that’s a tale for another blog. They all have different jobs with business being the unifying factor but for the most part each man has been different.

There now that we’ve covered some things about my men…Tell me what makes a hero special to you?

3 thoughts on “I need a hero!

  1. Yeah, not a big surprise, I love me some alpha males. I actually sorta alternate on whether they’re big and buff. IMost of the heros I’ve written about have been taller, but my current one is (to my mind) average height. Anthony from Rage is a former Viking and is built like it (6’4″ and buff). Jordan (the “average” one) is 6′ and has a swimmer’s physique, long and lean.

    As to the hair & eyes, I tend to create blonds. It wasn’t intentionally, but somehow they keep having the blond hair.

  2. Great post! You made me think this morning. I like reading about the alpha – male, but have yet to write about one. Most of my heroes tend to be confident but not to the level of alpha-male. And they are mostly dark-haired with green or brown eyes. There are only two fair-haired heroes in the bunch.

  3. I have a certain fondness for alphas as well. There is an allure to a woman who is used to doing everything in real life and having an alpha take over some of the process. I may like betas in real life, but not in my books. I also had a real enjoyment of the flawed heroes of JR Ward. I think the first one was blind, one had lost his leg and each had either a mental issue to work through or a physical issue that made them feel like less of a man. It meant the heroine was the one to help them step up to the plate and complete them and I saw changes in the hero from the first page to the last. It was one of the better series I saw with flawed heroes.

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