Erotic Romance…A great read for any occassion

I love romances and have been reading them for years, ever since I could sneak out of my mothers bedroom.  Harlequin and I were the best of friends in Miami when I could get away and sit on the back deck while the breeze off the  canal flowed over me. The pictures created by the words of the authors made me want to write. I wanted to be able to entertain readers just as I’d been.

Recently someone asked me why I write erotic romance. I had to sit and think about it. I’ve always tried not to label myself I am after all a lover of all things romance. But now I sit here staring at the screen and wonder…

What is erotic romance? I looked up the definition and wow was it a long one and the only thing I gleaned from that particular endeavor was that erotic romance is a creation of western writers by combining Erotica and romance. Apparently writers of the western civilization “bastardized” the romance genre, but hey after reading that line I was all for it. Now getting back to the original issue.

Why I write Erotic Romance and why its great for any occasion. Here are my top five reasons.

5) These books can provide a lot of heat on a cool evening. I have read books from fellow authors that made me sweat.
4) Have you seen some some of the covers, if they don’t ignite the imagination I don’t know what will.
3) They provide that quick get away. Sometimes, taking a vacation in your head might be the only one you’ll get for awhile.
2) Hope – Sometimes I leave my lap top open on a page I wrote and fervently pray that my husband will read it and get ideas.

1) The feelings I get after reading/writing a really good, totally erotic, romance. Very few things make me feel that way. I’m talking about the kind of book that makes you hate to see the words The End.

I’ll end this blog with…Hi my name is Kassanna and I have an addiction to books, especially romance and if you feel the same way then welcome to club, find a chair and pull out your book. If you need me I’ll be in the corner with my own drug of choice. Erotic Romance.


One thought on “Erotic Romance…A great read for any occassion

  1. Erotic is definitely addicting. Once you start you can’t stop. This is one drug that I never want to have to give up. I can also use it as an excuse when I’m having a hot flash. Thank you for a great post.

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