London Saint James is in the HOUSE!

London wrote her first short story in the second grade.  Her teacher informed her parents London had a big imagination, but having a big imagination wasn’t necessarily a good thing as far as he was concerned.  Without watering that seed of imagination, London placed her vivid characters, her childhood stories, along with her imagination on the shelf, where they would wither for a while.  At the urging of her eighth grade English teacher, London pulled her imagination off that shelf and wrote her second short story.  To no surprise, it was a love story which was inspired by a song.  With encouragement, London began to write once again.  She fell head over heels in love with writing, the power of words and the journey we all take when we read a great story.  Then as life does it moves on, so yet again London placed her imagination on the shelf to wither for a while.  She needed to do the “sensible thing.”

In doing the sensible thing London earned a degree in Psychology but Philosophy, History, Theology, English Literature, Politics, Art History, Economics and other similar studies contributed significantly to her education and continue to interest her.  While in college she traversed into writing once more, was encouraged by a couple of professors to peruse that endeavor and wrote.  In doing so, she lit that spark of imagination which she thought was long dead.  She was surprised to find people liked what she wrote but yet again life moved on and she did the sensible thing.  You see to follow her passion was a pipe-dream, or so she had been told by some, so she placed her imagination and her passion upon that old familiar shelf.  London has held some rewarding jobs, had a career which was sensible but found herself scribbling stories on scratch paper as an outlet.  So one day she said, “Enough of the sensible thing.” She pulled her imagination along with her laptop off the shelf, dusted them both off and began to seriously write.

London writes erotic romance, from sweet to downright naughty.  She is a member of the Romance Writers of America and Passionate Ink.  She currently resides in Colorado with her dogs, her books, her writing and her imagination.

Her latest release is slated for the end of this month and will be concluding her Heart of Winter series.

Romance writer Winter Wells has found her new life with Hollywood Hottie, Cayden Cain, a blessing and a curse.  He is the blessing.  His career is the curse.  Involved in an unprecedented web of strange events, and wound in a string of lies about to break with devastating consequences, Winter must battle ghosts from her past that threaten to harm Cayden.  Faced with a choice she always knew would be inevitable, can the fairy tale of their relationship beat out the odds of their reality and really come true?

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