It’s Wednesday. Happy Rump day.

This is the first Wednesday of the month. That special day of the week which brings us so much closer to the weekend. I never know what my day has in-store for me, it’s  truly a toss-up at work. What I do know is I am that much closer to it’s five o’clock somewhere happy hour. And what helps me over the the little bump in the middle of my week you ask? It’s simple, I casually glance at a well toned butt. No matter where I’m at I can’t help it when my gaze is drawn to a man’s great posterior. I call it equal opportunity ogling. I was especially happy with the pic I found to share this week. I had to wipe my eyes from the tears of joy this particular image wrought. I  hope you enjoy it as much as I have. Happy Hump Day!

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