Welcome To My Six Sentences.

Hello again, thank for stopping by. If you came by last week you got a sneak peek at the hero’s, Luther, reaction to heroine when he met her. I  thought you might like to read her, Tanya’s, reaction to him.

His most striking feature was his grey eyes that seemed to see right through you. She pondered, maybe a toss-up between them and those thick, black, riotous curls that covered his head. The kind you would have to fight yourself not to run your hands through. With his aquiline nose and wide smile set in a square jaw, if she wasn’t careful she would happily look at him all day long. She couldn’t afford distractions, not if she wanted to be prepared to fight next week.

This is from my current work in progress. Club Lexx, Book Three. You can catch the story from the very beginning with my current release, Whip Me Real Good. Club Lexx, Book Two, Keep Me Satisfied, is scheduled for release April 2012 from Evernight Publishing.

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