Last Day of the February. Gonna make this a spectacular rump for hump day!

I’ve put quite a bit of thought into today. Leap Year only comes around every four years. That’s significant. Since this is my first blog during a leap year and I won’t be able to do another one for four years well, to me. I had to make this post count. I have searched for just the right rump and I like to think I found it in one hell of a beautiful import.

Allow me to explain my decision process. I like the male body. I believe it is a body of art (no pun intended). Bodies come in varied colors, sizes and attributes. Each one is outstanding in its own way. A tidbit about me. I think San Connery is still hot. So with that in      mind I went through quite a few pictures until I found just the right body. Believe me it was a chore *smile*.

Seeing his image at the edge of a rippling body of water, under the bright light of a sunny day was enough to make my heart do a little pitter patter. I hope you enjoy my selection. Happy Hump Day!

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