Six Sentence Sunday.

HI, welcome to my page.

I am new to this blog business, like to think of myself as a website kinda girl, lol. However I am an adventurer at heart and am willing to try something at least once. Hence my blog. I ask that you be gentle with me as I get use to this process  and leave me a word or two. I love to interact with people.

In the next paragraph, my six sentences are from my new WIP. Its the third book in the Club Lexx series. This is from Luther Lexington after he met Tanya Babineaux, the clubs only female security guard.

Her voice garnered the attention of both his heads. Luther reluctantly lifted his head when her arms crossed his line of sight and covered his view. He looked up and met sharp, coffee colored eyes gazing back at him. Her skin was the color of deep dark chocolate, the kind that left a sweet after-taste; long after the last piece had been savored. She sported a short haircut that framed her heart-shaped face in black hair. With high cheekbones, generous lips and a determined chin on a long graceful neck, the picture she made standing before him was inspiring, illicit nude images of their bodies molded together in rapturous lovemaking.

Thanks for taking a look at my sentences and if you like please check my guest blog at there you discover my inspiration for the series and get a quick look at John, the hero from Whip Me Real Good.

Happy Reading!


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