I Started A Blog…

This is my first post EVER. I look at all these technically savvy people blogging about their everyday life and I think hmmm, I can do that.  I did not realize or anticipate the work and creativity that would go into this.  It took me two days alone just to come up with a catchy title. Kass-a-lot, yeah I borrowed the idea from Camelot.

I wanted to create a world where you can come and get lost in, a fantasy that will keep you coming back to check out what being said and the latest happenings in my world. I know, big dreams. But as I grow older I have come to appreciate the philosophy, Go Big or Go Home.  I have quite the laundry list of where I would like to take my blog, LOL, but first I have to figure out how to actually work it. So Please bear with me. My goal is to have some tantalizing tidbit or another out every week. Enough of the technical stuff though.

Let me tell you a little about me. I write, love to write, especially erotic romance. To me the written word can be orgasm inducing (if written correctly) but I digress. My first book came out 12/17/2011 under Passion in Print. It was a Christmas release titled Who Gives an Elf?. My second book comes out 2/23/2012 from Evernight Publishing. It is a light BDSM novelette titled Whip Me Real Good. I am contracted for two other shorts Sex Outta Be Luscious and Keys To Victory however their release dates are undetermined at this time.

I recently completed the sequel to Whip Me. I have yet to do anything with Keep Me. Sometimes I have a hard time letting go of my work. They are like my babies, I poured my heart and soul into each one and desperately hope my readers enjoy reading them as much as I love writing them. So I could rattle on all day, I find this rather invigorating but I will cut it short. Thanks for taking the time to check me out and I hope to see you come by again.

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